Business Skills Development

Services Seta accredited for New Venture Creation Lever 2 & Level 4. Plugging the shortage and addressing the low-level of appropriate skills and quality labour forms the core of creating a self-sufficient country.  Sisata supports this notion even to the extent of ensuring the design and roll-out of market-driven skills development interventions.

We have proven experience in the institutional framework design and establishment of co-operatives and tourism business organizations that support the effective tourism promotion and marketing of tourism products and attractions.

Sisata specializes in tailor-made, practical business skills development and support services delivered by industry specialists to entrepreneurs, nationally. In South Africa, small businesses are recognised as a driving force for economic growth and creation of jobs. The National Development Plan refers to a target of 90% of the expected 11 million jobs that need to be created by small and growing businesses. However, 80-90% of new businesses fail in the first two years, with some of the reasons for failure being lack of access to markets, capital and business skills. To address this challenge, Sisata’s primary focus is making business management skills accessible to start-up, micro and small business entrepreneurs, especially those who have been marginalized. In doing so, our purpose is to help small business owners to develop sustainable and efficient enterprises.

What we do

We provide high-quality business management education and support services for small and growing businesses that create and demonstrate social and economic impact. We equip entrepreneurs with business knowledge and support that enables them to build strong and profitable businesses that are able to employ more people in the future. Our programmes are designed, taught and supported based on the individual needs of their business. We have access to business advice from industry specialists during mentorship and coaching sessions.

To ensure that this skills development and support is accessible to those who would not ordinarily be able to afford it, Sisata works primarily with other partners on a co-funding based model. This is made possible through the generous contribution of public and private sector partners committed to enterprise development.

Sisata is also an approved training and mentorship provider for the International Labour Organization (ILO) delivering the Sustaining Competitive and Responsible Enterprises (SCORE) programme for tourism businesses in the entire country.  SCORE is an ILO training programme to improve productivity and working conditions in tourism SMEs through better workplace cooperation. It is a global programme, currently operating in seven emerging economies covering different manufacturing and service enterprises including hospitality and tourism enterprises. The SCORE curriculum contains five modules: Workplace Cooperation, Quality Management, Cleaner Production, Human Resource Management and Occupational Safety and Health. Each module is delivered as a two-day classroom workshop which is followed by consulting visits to help enterprises to apply the module content in their operations.

Sisata also acts as an External Skills Development Facilitator (SDF), where we assist companies to develop their workplace skills plan, thus enabling them to access funding from their SETAs, which can be used to train their staff members.